by guest blogger Chris Skodinski  1/29/2020

Joseph, Comte de Maistre (1753-1821), had this to say: “Until now, nations were killed by conquest, that is by invasion. But here an important question arises: can a nation not die on its own soil, without resettlement or invasion, by allowing the flies of decomposition to corrupt to the very core those original and constituent principles which make it what it is?”

Two hundred years after his death,  today you would call him a journalist.  We are surrounded by coincidences wrapped in propaganda and presented as genuine concern, broadcast on the news.  Let’s look at a couple of coincidences.

The Covid 19 crisis has made stars of Dr Fauci and a regular on T.V.  Dr Gottlieb.  Dr. Fauci, the highest paid Federal employee,  holds 12 patents, receives funds for research from the Gates and Clinton Foundation.  Two suspect organizations.  As a result of his patents,  he stands to benefit  financially from a vaccine.  His 5 day approval of AZT for HIV was and is controversial.  Dr. Gottlieb,  a concerned former FDA head, left that agency to “spend more time with his family “.  He constantly appears on FOX, MSNBC etc.,  updating us on the progress against Covid.  He and Fauci trumpeted the vaccine rollout.  While “spending time with the fam”,  Gottlieb joined the board of Pfizer, the company with the first experimental approval without full trails.  I guess the stars just lined up.

Recent history is China Joe stopping the Keystone XL pipeline.  This was done to save the planet from the manmade climate crisis.  Everyone except racist, homophobe, insurrectionist, conspiracy theory nuts would agree with Joe.  It is proven the most energy efficient and environmental friendly way to move oil is thru a pipeline,  but it is the spirit and symbolism that counts.  One little detail,  Warren Buffet,  the big Democrat supporter and Fascist,  just happens to own Burlington Northern Rail Road,  a leading transporter of………………OIL from the northern oil fields to the southern refineries.  

Is Warren happy today ?

Will wonders never cease!