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The National Medias Favorite Past Time-Printing the Worst of the 45th President- Even on the Way Out the Door.

 As President Trumps final minutes wound down of his administration and he gave his last speech as he departed. The national media just couldn’t let it go. One more time, the demonization and manipulation of the stats to show his worst.  Granted, he’s an easy target. I have never been fond of his lack of

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Returning to The Paris Climate Agreement! Are We Throwing the baby out with the Bathwater?

One pledge our new president has chiseled in stone is that when he first set foot in the Oval Office, he would rejoin the Paris Climate Agreement, from which President Trump’s 2019 withdrawal became final on Election Day 2020: “Today, the Trump Administration officially left the Paris Climate Agreement,” Mr. Biden tweeted. “And in exactly

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