Article by  Freelance Journalist Chris Skodinski

We recently went through the convergence of Covid, election, and time change. All are
disruptive. “Wear your mask, change your clock.”

Fear has been a swamp motivator for some time. In recent history, the Atom Bomb, Red
Menace, Russia, global warming, China, Saddam and terrorism etc. have been a partial list of
things people fear. As Rahm Emanuel said, “Never let a crisis go to waste”. Terrorism was
used to pass the Patriot Act, which morphed from spying on suspicious people to mass
surveillance. Censorship and propaganda were outsourced to Facebook, Twitter and Google.
Now we have Covid19, a foreign, invisible enemy.. The way to be safe was to wear a mask, we
were told, although many studies indicate a mask does not stop a virus. Regardless, masks
were mandated by big dictators, such as governors as well as smaller dictators, such as health
departments. They have the power to close businesses, social gathering and churches. They
control livelihoods and freedom to assemble without legislative approval. Government is your
church now, although as with Gov. Newsom, (California), rules and laws only apply to masked,
faceless dots. In the old days, if you went into a bank with a mask, you would likely be arrested
or shot. Today, if you go in without a mask, you will likely be arrested or shot.

With air travel, you are not only required to be radiated, limited on shampoo and felt up, you
must wear a mask. The exception is private planes, because everyone knows terrorists and
viruses only travel commercial. (See Gov. Newsom etc.)

The bulk of the enforcement of masks is outsourced to employers, businesses and the general
public. Karens and Wokes patrol the grocery store daily. Recently I saw a helmetless man on a
moped. His tail light was out, he was on the phone, but he puttered down the street with his
mask on. Personally, maskless is down on the list of dangerous activities.

This leads to elections. If you go along with your freedoms stripped by a virus, you will go along
with the media election. The media tells you there was not computer hacking or hijacking, no
dead voters, no out of state voters, all ballots were legit, no malfeasance on mail ins, no ballots
submitted after poles closed, perfect oversight and that the majority counted in the middle of
the night were for only one candidate.

The result is a member of an International Crime family, (not reported), may become President.
If Biden is installed, you can take some more freedoms and bury them with that friend or loved
one, you could not visit in the hospital.