America’s Future- A Country in Distress

Close to three years ago, I came across some questionable numbers in the immigration field along with the controlled context of President Trumps rally confrontation with Jorges Ramos.
Add in the censoring and dropping of articles from Facebook and Twitter to an Orwellian magnitude and you get the great possibility of a frightening future . We as a country are teetering, make no mistake  about it. We cannot afford to be apathetic now.
Originally, the was created to compliment the publishing of “The American Citizens Handbook- a candid conversation with a concerned citizen.” Over time it became apparent that issues needed to be addressed, due to the flagrant bias and laziness of journalists today.
As I often comment on Thomas Jefferson’s quote “a well–informed electorate is a prerequisite to democracy.”
The book and blog are one citizen’s attempt to do that.. 
Common Sense dictates that, in this day and age of infinite choices, the chance of this project to raise itself out of the endless chatter is remote and small.
Nevertheless, I cannot stand idly by and witness the blatant disrespect and contempt for this great country.  Not that we haven’t come  up short to our ideals from time to time, Look at the progress and you will see a work in progress getting better in all aspects, despite what America’s critics espouse.
The book speaks for itself. As stated I do not consider myself some great writer, but more of a facilitator of the truth. 
It is not for the intellectually lazy, which I believe does not describe the majority of the true American citizens today.
Going forward this blog will continue to  bring the truth to the forefront, To use the “what you see” and “what you don’t see”.  Then you can decide where you stand.
Also remember that in this website, one has the ability to contact their senator or congressman in  three clicks. 
If you visit the website/blog from your computer, all 50 states are listed. Click on your state and you will see the states congressional district map, directly below are the senators and congresspeople, their phone numbers address, social media and emails where applicable. If you view on tablet or smartphone, you will need to click on the menu tab to access the states.
The blog will also provide a link to, in my opinion, the most truthful and factual podcasts in the arena today. Some you may not be able to find on youtube, Facebook, or Twitter due to the rise in censorship,
After all the 2020 election chaos finalizes, we will update the site. Included in the content will be your representatives position on Immigration issue and China. China needs to be recognized as the national threat they are. They represent everything we are not and can not be trusted. 
See article from Wall Street Journal 
from John Ratcliffe, Director of National Intelligence.
As we venture forward, I ask you not to be in the ranks of the “intellectually lazy” as mentioned above. I have found over the last two years that the suppression and manipulation of data by the national media, Facebook and Twitter is appalling.  
If you doubt that ,try googling political news items and see the top searches. You will find at the top, The Washington Post,The New York Times, Vox, CNN, NPR, Politico..
All the liberal news stations along with national media, CBS, NBC, ABC.
You’ll very seldom find the likes of Fox News,The New York Post, The Washington Examiner or National Review.  Many times a switch over to Yahoo shows searches, seeming to be less biased for sure.
Earlier this year I was amazed on the suppression  and censoring of the drug Hydroxychloroquine . Since when can the federal government dictate to doctors that they cannot prescribe a FDA approved drug. For more information click on the link below for some facts you may not know.
Pls note that one of the videos in the post, was removed by Facebook.
FYI. If you  go to Twitter or Facebook and see that  they have censored or taken down a video, go to bitchute. com , insert the name and 90% of the time you will be able to view that piece. I also recommend Parler vs Twitter for freedom of thought..
Another example of a false narrative is the way the national news portrayed the protest at the church earlier this year, when President Trump made his infamous photo shoot. Even today, the event is characterized by peaceful protesters being attacked with rubber bullets and tear gas.. see below post showing what you were shown and what you were not.
I could go on but but do not have the time or space.
We have to come together as American Citizens to hold on to the values and ideals passed down from our founders.
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Thanks for the conversation, stay safe and here’s to a better year in 2021
God Bless America..