As Lyndon Johnson Said ” My Fellow Americans, I Come To You with a Heavy Heart”

This is the 2020 Electoral Map as of November 5th, 2020

Pls note the Electoral College map shown above, because at the end of this post, you’re going to see the danger of it going away.

So, back to a heavy heart.

On Tuesday night the election seem to be buzzing along , then came along Arizona, Fox calls it for Biden. 

Its been going into the 3rd day after the 2020 Presidential election and we still don’t know. Really! I can download any song known to man in minutes, my blog can show me when a person across the globe clicks on it . Florida can process their votes before midnight, but Nevada has to take three days??

On Wednesday, a significant error was discovered that could affect the results of the presidential election in Arizona: Edison Research data, which major news organizations including The New York Times utilize to report voting results, reported that 98% of precincts in Arizona had been counted when in fact only 86% had been counted.

National Journal editor-in-chief Jeff DuFour noted: “This gives some credence to the Trump camp’s argument in a call with reporters that it expects to pull ahead in Arizona, because most of the outstanding vote is in Trump-friendly territory.”

On Wednesday. A Phoenix-based data firm is predicting that Arizona will flip to President Donald Trump after all ballots are counted, a switch that could determine the outcome of the presidential election.

Data Orbital, a data analytics and survey research firm based in Arizona’s capital, is predicting that a number of outstanding ballots across the state will give Trump the edge over Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. Arizona’s 11 electoral votes may be the deciding factor for whichever candidate wins the election. ( Why is it, when I google Political issues, the top articles are always New York Times, Washington Post, The Guardian, Variety, CNN and others, all well known left leaning institutions?.)

“The analysis on outstanding ballots mostly being from Maricopa and favoring Biden misses a huge factor: at least 250k of the remaining ballots have a Republican advantage of 20%. Unlike in other states, late earlies will favor Trump,” the data firm continued

As this blog is being drafted, the counting continues and at this point it appears that the number Trumps needs to claim the state is on track… That’s a 22 point swing.

 Meanwhile in Michigan, Early morning unofficial results showed single-digit returns in the presidential race for Republican incumbent Donald J. Trump in townships like Chestonia, Echo, Helena and Torch Lake with 65 to 80 percent reporting,” the Record-Eagle reported.

The Detroit Free Press reported that Tom McMillin, a former state lawmaker from Oakland County and a member of the State Board of Education, saw irregularities in the Antrim County vote totals on Tuesday night. The Free Press continued:Antrim County is a longtime Republican stronghold, but in certain precincts, Democrat Joe Biden and other Democratic candidates had far more votes than normal, McMillin said. “It just looked weird,” he said. “Two-thirds of the townships looked really messed up.”

Zach Gorchow, the executive editor and publisher of Gongwer Michigan, tweeted, “I just spoke to the Antrim clerk’s office. They are reviewing these numbers, said there are discrepancies. It certainly seems likely the numbers were transposed. Trump and John James will see a ~6,000+ vote gain statewide once this is corrected. This is a staunchly GOP county.”

Journalist and news anchorman Joe Gumm updated: “The Antrim County Clerk’s Office in Michigan told me the election program it used (Election Source) had issues and the office is now reviewing 16,047 total votes. The source I spoke with said she believes 33 other counties used the program.”

So there’s trouble in paradise,   as, Incumbent U.S. Sen. Gary Peters, D-Mich., defeated Republican businessman John James on Wednesday evening, winning reelection to a second six-year term as the count of absentee votes put him over the top. Multiple media outlets, including CNN, called the race for Peters.

By 7:45 p.m., Peters had taken a 59,587-vote lead on James, beating him 49.6% to 48.5% with 98% of the vote counted. It wasn’t clear, however, how many, if any, votes were left and whether Peters could build on that lead, given that earlier in the evening he had a much smaller 11,380-vote lead but with about the same amount of the vote counted.

Much of the problem came from uncertainty about just how many absentee votes there were and how quickly they could be counted. I’m always concerned when a race is decided two days after election day.

Why you may ask, My answer is with an excerpt from my book “The American Citizens Handbook on Immigration” that was released in October.

Enter email in balloting and Harvest Balloting

In the Article from The Federalist, December 14th  ,2018 How Ballot-Harvesting Became The New Way To Steal An Election, Eric Eggers . Brings these  3 points home.  

*In Orange County, an estimated 250,000 harvested ballots were reportedly dropped off on Election Day alone. County Republican Chairman Fred Whitaker claimed the 2016 law “directly caused the switch from being ahead on election night to losing two weeks later.”

*One interaction caught by a Santa Clarita family’s doorbell camera suggested how harvesting can work in practice. A harvester, identifying herself as Lulu, asks for Brandi, and says she is there to collect her ballot, explaining that there is “this new service, but only to, like, people who are supporting the Democratic Party.”

* In Missouri, Democratic state Rep. Penny Hubbard, a member of a St. Louis political dynasty known for ballot harvesting, was challenged and ultimately ousted in 2016 by progressive Bruce Franks, a protester in the Ferguson unrest. Absentee-ballot handling irregularities had handed her a delayed 90-vote win, even though Franks won 53 percent of the vote on Election Day.

Also, for example, the race between former Republican Rep. David Valadao and Democrat T. J. Cox in California’s rural 21st district. When polls closed, Valadao led Cox by 6,000 votes — or 8 percent. That margin was wide enough for media outlets to call the race for Valadao.  However, late ballots delivered by third-party groups broke so heavily for Cox that he ultimately eked out an 843-vote victory. The results after ballot harvesting were very different from the polling before the race and since. In a July 2019 NRCC survey, Cox was polling at just 36 percent, while 52 percent said they would support “a potential Republican challenger.” Valadao has since filed for a rematch.

House speaker Paul Ryan had a interesting take on the some California midterm elections. See the following taken from  Fox News article entitled:

 Ballot Harvesting Bounty: How Dems apparently used the election law change to rout  California Republicans December 3rd, 2018

 Following the drubbing they took in the midterms, some Republican leaders in Washington have expressed confusion over what happened in California.

We were only down 26 seats (nationally) the night of the election and three weeks later, we lost basically every California race,” outgoing House Speaker Paul Ryan, R-Wisc., told the Washington Post. “Point being, when you have candidates that win the absentee ballot vote, win the day of the vote, and then lose three weeks later because of Provisionals, that’s really bizarre.”

Ryan added: “When you win the absentee ballots and you win the in-person vote, where I come from, you win the election…I’m not saying there’s anything nefarious about it, because I just don’t know, but we believed we were up about six seats in California the night of the election, now I think we lost just about every single one of those.”

I find it interesting that when looking at the country, we have 5 states that cant find a handle on their numbers when 45 other stated were able to do so within 24 hours. Also interesting that all 5 states are under democratic control, extended process times and  loosened regulations. All these states are opening a pandora’s box, by counting ballots without matching signatures, or questionable  post marks.

 I believe Nevada is manipulating the election and will show Biden winning by over 8,000 ballots.  Pennsylvania, where Trump was leading by over 600,000 ballots will be called for Biden in a very late tally. As of this moment in time, November 5th at 3:00 pm his lead has shrunk to under 200,000.  They’ll find those ballots needed one way or the other.

In closing, lets revisit the Electoral College map at the top of this blog. You will notice the vast amount of the country that is red has voted for Trump. It has been estimated that over 70% of the counties in this country will have voted that venue by the end of the campaign.

Colorado Proposition 113 Election Results: Institute a National Popular Vote

Colorado enters the National Popular Vote Interstate Compact, an interstate compact to award member states’ electoral votes to the presidential candidate that receives the most votes nationwide. The compact will go into effect only if states representing at least 270 Electoral College votes — the number required to win the presidency — adopt the legislation.

As of November 2020, it has been adopted by fifteen states and the District of Columbia. These states have 196 electoral votes, which is 36% of the Electoral College and 73% of the 270 votes needed to give the compact legal force

The electoral college insures that all citizens in this great country are well represented. If this compact comes to fruition, all the red states in the map, will technically cease to exist in future elections. The country will be run  by the large high density states. New York, California, Illinois, New Jersey. Their mass numbers will insure that laws and policies work for them, to hell with those deplorables. Scary!!!

Make a stand, contact your Senators and congress people and put them on notice. Go to click on your state and find your representatives. then click to follow and support the cause. 

Also pls become a informed citizen, buy my book “American Citizens Handbook on Immigration- a candid conversation with  a concerned citizen” available on paperback and digitally in all book stores on line and in stores.

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