Well, it’s the 12th Hour of the Presidential Election and Your not Voting for Trump? So what are You voting for? the Answer May Surprise You!

So here we are at the proverbial moment of truth. 

 In the next 48 hours the direction of the country will begin one way or the other.
Everyday my mouth drops in amazement how one person can see one thing and another see the same thing with 180 degree perception..
 Over two years ago I found journalism in the US was not coming close to publishing the truth. I could not just stand by and watch my country be demonized. Granted my blog and book “the American Citizens Handbook on Immigration” has not  had traction by any means..  But we plow ahead…
I hear everyday, I can’t vote for Trump because of this or that..
I am not going to go into the accomplishments of this administration, you can see a few of those from this blog 


Let’s focus on what you’ll get if you don’t vote for him.

 Higher taxes and back to higher taxes for corporations, which means they’ll find a place more tax friendly, as they did Pre-Trump. 
Do you think the historic rise in median income by $6,000 in three short years was done with previous  strategy. Nope, were going back to stagnant wages of the paltry 2,000 increase over the eight years of the past Obama-Biden administration.
,Then there’s the aspect of health insurance, that’s going to bode well when they give free health insurance to all illegal immigrants in the country, not to mention giving amnesty to the 20 million illegal immigrants within our borders( no it’s not 11 million, read the book). Which by its nature will attract more illegal immigrants to our shores,but that’s no problem because we’ll have open borders anyway..
 Then, of course, our major democratic run cities, that  have made a financial shamble of their towns will be bailed out by the rest of the countries citizens, cause God knows when a pandemic hits and we need financial assistance, the Kennedy Center needs tens of millions of dollars given to them.
They will continue to disgrace this great country, to which millions of our men have given their lives to protect, erase our history and replace it with socialist propaganda.
They’ll put Beta O’Rourke in charge of gun control, good bye 2nd amendment. 
The 1st amendment will fall next and any thoughts not mirroring the thoughts of the squad will be censored or cancelled.
 Your city or town will start to look like Pelosi’s and Harris’s San Francisco with feces maps, unrestrained homelessness  and income disparity that make the Middle Ages  look lame. But that’s ok, because anyone can shoplift or steal up to $978.79 of merchandise and just be given a citation.
Don’t mind that over 50% of your incomes will be taxed and that’s a conservative estimate.
Your children will be brought up with believing this is the most evil of empires thanks to 1619 theory and Critical Race Theory. 
 In addition to the destruction of the nuclear family by political social groups like Black Lives Matter.
Your vote in that direction, will put this country on the trash piles of former great nations, like Rome, Greece  and the others who fell from the division inside.
 I will stand for this great country, land of the free and home of the brave. 
 I could go on, but I’m out of patience and time in this rant. (GDSOB) only my family will know what that means.

 God Bless America and everyone of our great citizens.. I say to you Hold the Line!