The Truth about Trump- From A Average Everyday American Citizen.

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Try, if you are able, to finish this blog in its entirety.  The data below has been copied and pasted for the most part, just did not have the time or patience to show every source in this one. Over the last few years I have been more and more aggravated with the attack on this country as well as its citizens.  Our political systems participants have seemed to forgotten to whom they serve. If the Congressperson or Senator doesn’t tow the party line, even if its  what their constituents would want, their parties threaten them with running others  against them in their primary.  President Trump is a anomaly, He had no chance! His own party didn’t want him, the press hated him and the other party thought he was a joke. You know why he won? Only one reason, he resonated with the American Citizen.  I mean the true American Citizen who embellishes what this great country stands for and its values, As folklore has said in the past. “Unleash The Kraken”.

Here’s the thing, you know what Trump will  protect and serve till the cows come home? The American people…He is  our version of the Colt 45 pistol. The Great Equilizer!!  He’s a scrapper, he epitomizes the Japanese saying “get knocked down 7- get up 8”. 

I always thought that the deep state was a concept, not a real thing, then came 2016,2017,2018, 2019 and 2020. Now I know there is a such a thing.. I  have never seen a person demonized so much day after day, month after month, year after year.  Never even one good job on anything. The national media should be ashamed of the manipulation of facts and data.

So, I’ve attached a few thing below he’s done right over the last 3 years. Disagree if you want but they are facts.

First, lets start with the plague of 2020.


There is this delusion circulating that everyone, no that’s not true, let’s use “anybody” could have handled this pandemic better. Plus his detractors would have you believe that the 214,000 dead and counting are his fault.  They could have saved everyone. The simple truth is everyone missed this to one extent or another.  Pls read this blog to see what I mean in detail.

I for one choose not to Monday morning quarterback this one. Plus the media is keeping or trying to keep us scared shitless( I apologize). The amount of people are infected is not the number we should be looking at. It’s the deaths that we should be paying attention to. Which by the way has been trending down for the last 4 months. Understand, I’m not trivializing this virus, disrespect it  and it will take you out. Like it or not, its going to be around for awhile.. 


Then there was ISIS or ISIL.  “The ability of ISIL to not just mass inside of Syria, but then to initiate major land offensives that took Mosul, for example, that was not on my intelligence radar screen,” Obama told Zakaria, using the administration’s term for the Islamic State terror group. This means that, by the CIA’s own estimate, ISIS had grown on President Obama’s watch from just 700 fighters to between 20,000 and 31,500 fighters.       That is an increase of between 2,700 and 4,400 %.

But one year into the Trump administration, the facts on the ground—in Syria and Iraq—had changed dramatically. ISIS lost control of Mosul, the second-largest city in Iraq, in July 2017. Three months later, ISIS’ capital—the Syrian city of Raqqa—fell. Many fighters retreated to Deir ez-Zor in the country’s east. In November 2017, that too fell. The Trump administration should celebrate the progress they have made but also accept that a huge amount of work lies ahead in the next three (or seven) years. The military, law enforcement and intelligence agencies will be at the forefront of the response. Yet stopping ISIS from presenting itself as a credible government in areas where it still retains a presence is also an important task. In those areas, the United States must help promote responsive and representative governance.

Personally, I don’t care if Trump spent  $12,000 on a Tim Tebow helmet out of campaign funds, or he promised Ben Carson a cabinet post and I really don’t care he has two scoops of ice cream and   a guest has one. I mean, you call this guy racist and xenophobic when he’s married to a immigrant, has a Jewish son in law and grandchildren that are Jewish. C’mon Man!!!


The president, through his FUTURES ACT allowed for the first time HBCUs(Historically black colleges and universities) to receive $255M in permanent funding. Johnny C. Taylor, president and CEO of the Thurgood Marshall College Fund stated “This was something that, frankly, the black college community assumed would have been easily accomplished with the first African-American president, and after over eight years of repeated requests, to think that within 45 days of his presidency we were able to convene all of the [HBCU] presidents in the Oval Office [Monday] and [on Tuesday] a subset of us were able to come back and sign the executive order the same day that the [president] is preparing for first State of the Union address.”            What a racist thing to do!! just saying

The First Step Act

 The First Step Act is one of the signature pieces of legislation passed with bipartisan support during the Trump administration. It shortens sentences for some inmates — partly through a change in the credit they are given for good behavior — and increases job training and other programs. It also requires the new risk assessment system, which officials said Friday will allow inmates to complete in-prison programs and, for some, receive “earned time” credits to get out earlier. Justice Department officials in July announced that 3,100 inmates were being released from federal prisons across the country because of a change in how their good-behavior time is calculated — a significant step, they said, in the implementation of a new criminal justice reform law.unme

 Unemployment pre Covid 19

The jobless rate for Hispanics hit a record low of 3.9% in September 2019, while African Americans maintained its lowest rate ever, 5.5%. The unemployment rate for Asian Americans was 2.5% in September 2019. The jobless rate for adult women came in at 3.1%.  The economy  was one of the best economies in the history  of this great country.

 In Trump’s first three years, more than seven million full-time jobs have been added. To put that into perspective, only 2.45 million jobs were gained from 2007 – the height of employment under the Bush administration – to the end of the Obama era in early 2017.

NAFTA morphs into USMCA 

President Donald Trump signed the United States-Mexico-Canada Agreement.  Which the White House estimates  will create 600,000 jobs and add $235 billion to the economy. The bill features new auto  manufacturing regulation, along with other trade benefits.

The biggest story of the economy has been upward mobility. The middle class is not falling behind, it is getting richer. Meanwhile, the tax cuts have reduced liabilities each year for the average family with children by about $2,000 a year. Overall median household family incomes have risen by almost 8 percent in just three years under Trump, compared to almost no gains throughout the previous 16 years.



As an American citizen, this is an area that I am passionate about, particularly after doing over 2 years of research on “The American Citizens Handbook on Immigration”. The president has built over 265 miles of  border wall  to this point. Has effectively stopped the catch and release into the interior of this country with his “Migrant Protection Protocal “. Taking action against sanctuary cities, reducing legal immigration and halting foreign guest worker admissions. This administration is also stepping up its monitoring of birth tourism. 

The United States signed a “cooperative asylum agreement” with El Salvador stipulating that migrants from third countries who would otherwise seek refuge in the U.S. would be permitted to remain in El Salvador. In exchange, the U.S. pledged American investment in the Central American nation. The agreement is similar to one made with Guatemala . It reflects the Trump administration’s strategy of reaching agreements with individual countries in the region as a means to stem the flow of migrants to the U.S.  

Paris Climate Control

I applauded President Trump on basically telling that group “we’re out of here !! If we were compliant with the terms of the Paris Accord and the onerous energy restrictions it has placed on the United States it  could cost America as much as 2.7 million lost jobs by 2025 according to the National Economic Research Associates.  This includes 440,000 fewer manufacturing jobs. According to this same study, by 2040, compliance with the commitments put into place by the previous administration would cut production for the following sectors:  paper down 12 percent; cement down 23 percent; iron and steel down 38 percent; coal down 86 percent; natural gas down 31 percent.  The cost to the economy at this time would be close to $3 trillion in lost GDP and 6.5 million industrial jobs, while households would have $7,000 less income and, in many cases, much worse than that.

Under the agreement, China would be able to increase  emissions by a staggering number of years — 13.  They can do whatever they want for 13 years.  India makes its participation contingent on receiving billions and billions and billions of dollars in foreign aid from developed countries. China will be allowed to build hundreds of additional coal plants.  So we can’t build the plants, but they can, according to this agreement.  India will be allowed to double its coal production by 2020. In what world is that a good deal???

Moving US Embassy to Jerusalem

The United States Embassy officially relocated to Jerusalem on May 14, 2018, to coincide with the 70th anniversary of the Israeli Declaration of Independence. Trump acted under a 1995 law that requires the United States to move its embassy to Jerusalem, but to which other presidents since then – Bill Clinton, George W. Bush and Barack Obama – consistently signed waivers. I personally applauded this move as the other presidents must have caved  in from outside pressure. 


Abraham Peace Accords

Imagine the pique of Aaron David Miller and Martin Indyk, professional negotiators who failed to negotiate anything at all for 30 years. Or John Kerry, who pontificated in 2016 that there could never be an Arab-Israeli treaty without a Palestinian state.

And then comes President Trump, a man whose prior experience in international diplomacy was limited to negotiating the price of gilded faucets. Trump ignored the founding principle of the peace-processing fantasy: a Palestinian state as the precondition of Israeli-Arab reconciliation. He circumvented the Arabists of the State Department and instead negotiated through his son-in-law, Jared Kushner, and his ambassador to Israel, David Friedman.

Israel and the United Arab Emirates reached a landmark accord sealed by President Trump  that could presage a broader realignment in the region as the two agreed to “full normalization of relations” in exchange for Israel suspending annexation of occupied West Bank territory

The developments are a major achievement for Trump, and even his Democratic presidential challenger, Joe Biden, praised the historic recognitions as “something positive.” In a Tuesday morning interview on “Fox & Friends,” Trump predicted that the Palestinians ultimately would make a deal as well.

Magnus Jacobsson, a member of the Swedish Parliament, nominated Trump for the Nobel Peace prize for his work in forging a historic peace deal between Serbia and Kosovo, and Christian Tybring-Gjedde, a member of the Norwegian Parliament, nominated Trump for the Israel-UAE-Bahrain deal.

What he has done with the Trump Doctrine is that he has decided he would no longer have America involved in endless wars, wars which achieve nothing but the killing of thousands of young Americans and enormous debts imposed on America,” Australian law professor David Flint told Sky News Australia on Sunday. “He’s reducing America’s tendency to get involved in any and every war.”

Flint and a group of law professors in Australia are the third to nominate Trump for the prize.

Some of those reading this blog may not even be aware that the President was responsible for what some have called ” The greatest Mid East Peace accord since the 1970’s”. Much less being nominated for the Nobel Peace prize three times.

Not bad for a narcissist,  xenophobic  racist. not bad at all.

If you have come this far, thank you, hope it makes you think.

My son is180 degrees on his political views vs mine.

In my life,  I have never said the “soul” of the country is the prize of an election. This one, that’s true

As I told my son, one of us is a fool.  If the other side wins, I hope and pray that I am able to say in three years. “Damn, I was the fool”.

But my heart tells me different.

Stay safe, godspeed and God Bless America