America Citizens-You are Being Bamboozled

at this moment he realizes he has been bamboozled

I love that word, bamboozled. It rolls right off your tongue. In the light of this political landscape, I believe definition #2 in the median-webster dictionary fits best : “to confuse, frustrate, or throw off thoroughly or completely”.

It’s amazing the way our national media can distort the dialogue. The matters that we are focusing are the wrong matters. They are temporary. COVID is temporary, as devastating as it is, in five years it will be history . The riots will be history. Donald Trump and Joe Biden, the riots and protests, defunding the police, they will be irrelevant. Of all the issues that are with us now, focusing on one, will assist in our country staying on the narrow path. That being immigration. We need immigration as a country to continue on our great path… but the numbers allowed need to be follow the rules. To assimilate into what has proven to work. The American Way, which by the way is not the White way.. the system works for all creeds and religion. Can it be better? Of course we as a country are a work in progress, and always will be..

There are core values that we as citizens must do our best to adhere to, starting with the constitution. It is all overwhelming, but there is one action we can all do to keep this country sound.. vote.. not on the person, but on the sound principles.

If you need a cause to vote, vote for stronger immigration as it runs true to the other values..
Don’t be brainwashed by the media, take a few minutes and check.. just google it.
What you might find, is that truth is on the internet by independent credible sources.
Tim Poole, An0maly, Dennis Prager, Dave Rubin, Ben Shapiro( can be a little over the top, but does a great job of explaining legal and political statements) black pigeon speaks and especially Victor David Hansen.
Go to find your state , click on your state and find the senator and congressman that will keep us on the narrow path and give them your vote
From one citizen to another, vote for the American Way..
Stay safe and god bless..

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